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PyLeporello is a small Python-script that creates a static web-album from a directory of images. Simply copy the script-file into a directory with images (currently only jpg is supported) and run the script. It generates an index.html-file containing thumbnails to all the images in the directory. The thumbnails are created by the script automatically. For each image a separate html-file is created containing a bigger (medium-sized) version of the image. By default a link to the high resolution version of the image is displayed.

The size of the thumbnails and of the medium-res images can be specified when invoking the script. Creating links to the hi-res version can be turned off.

The script inlines templates for the index-page and the medium-res pages. The generated html-files conform to XHTML strict and use semantic markup. CSS is used for layout. See an example here.

More, detailed, information can be found on the DenkzeitWiki-page for PyLeporello. If you have problems with the script or suggestion for its improvement please feel free to edit the wiki-page accordingly.

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