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holonic Screencasting

To show off in job applications I’ve made a ScreenCast of the GUI-part (i.e. the visible part) of my diploma thesis. The screencast is accessible here.

Some time ago I’ve mentioned this technique in Screencasts. In the meantime economic pressure 😉 put me into having to describe things I’ve done in the past. First I thought about giving a textual introduction and explanation on how to use these things. Then I remembered Screencasts. Simply doing the thing you want to describe and having some program record your doings in the background is apparently much more comfortable and easier than writing a lot of text. Giving a visual introduction (combined with some explaining text) can be more useful to the consumer of the introduction, too. A visual introduction/explanation is more concrete, more hands-on. I think this is a huge benefit.

I’ve used Wink to do the recording and editing afterwards. Wink takes the approach of making screenshots of the action. The sequence of shots can be easily edited. I’ve mainly removed unnecessary shots (wrong mouse-movements, loading-time, etc.). The mouse-movement is recorded separately. The screenshots are then compiled into a flash-movie. Optionally an exe-file can be generated.

One can add all sorts of text-boxes to the individual shots. Buttons can be added, too. For my first contact with creating screencast Wink was sufficiently enough. There are other products (non-free) that certainly have a wider range of features. I’ve collected links to some of these on the DenkzeitWiki-page ScreenCasts.

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