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Disable exceptions in Visual Studio programmatically

It only recently occurred to me that learning some F# would be rather well timed (after having hacked quite some clojure recently).

Searching for stuff I could get my feet wet with, I realized the possibilities for automating VisualStudio by using F# Interactive (a console that can also be used inside Visual Studio – the other way would be to call fsi in a VS 2010 cmd-box).

One thing that really bugs me when debugging in Visual Studio with the option „break on exceptions“ enabled was that the debugger will halt on lots of exceptions which I am not interested in. It’s possible to exclude those uninteresting exceptions in the exceptions-dialog (Ctr + Alt + e) but those settings cannot be saved and will be lost when „break on exceptions“ will be disabled and re-enabled some other time.

So my first F#-script will disable exceptions in Visual Studio programmatically.

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