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Interactively coding a living system: live coding in Impromptu

Being of the static kind you may not have the ability to imagine changing a running, live software system without being in debug-mode. You may not be able to feel the power of REPL – the pleasure of interactively, iteratively tinkering around with something that feels is alive. You are feeling – like an egyptian […]

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Ceremony: Java String Padder

The other day I was searching for a method on Java’s String-class (or an instance thereof or some other (static) class that would provide it) that would add some filling characters to a string. In my concrete case I wanted it to add some ‚0’s in front of some other string-valued integer. As an example […]

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sharpening a knive (basic movements)

Once again I’ve got one of that short comments on one of my clips that actually says nothing but buggers everything: He’s doing it wrong, any one watching this thinking they going 2 try it like this, DONT! It will make the knife un even, so some parts will be sharper/blunter then other. So here […]

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Object Obsessed Programming

In Peter Norvig’s „Design Patterns in Dynamic Programming“ I stumbled over his term „class obsessed programming“. What is meant by that is having to program in a way so that everything (all verbs, i.e. functions) must belong to a class (read Execution in the Kingdom of Nouns). Till then those language run under the term […]

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Calling hotshot, a python profiler, from command line

Profiling some python script I looked for some convenient way to call hotshot from command line just like it is possible with profile \ cProfile out-of-the-box. Since I couldn’t find any, I wrote this simple wrapper: import hotshot, hotshot.stats import os import sys if __name__ == „__main__“: if len(sys.argv) == 0: sys.exit() if len(sys.argv) == […]

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Let the server do the job!

I just learned how important the choice of loci for the execution of code is. Consider a database with the tables company, employee and locks which have to be combined in such a way that the result includes the number of employees per company and whether that company is locked. If you are familiar with […]

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to tab or not to tab: whitespace in python

For a while I’ve been pondering whether I should use spaces or tabs to indent python-code. On WhitespaceInPython I’ve collected some pros and cons and finally decided that tabs are the way to go for me. This decision was based, amongst other arguments, on this comment to A Brief Defense of Significant Whitespace: Indentation consistency […]

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Developing large scale applications with dynamic languages

I first have to admit that I have not written a program longer than maybe 500 lines of code in a dynamic language. I am very interested in DynamicLanguages, though and Rainer’s comment on another post made me investigate how to develop large scale applications in DynamicLanguages: In my eyes the main danger in programming […]

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A new year, a new language

ThePragmaticProgrammer (read that book!) gives quite some advice on how to develop one’s knowledge portfolio. One thing I definitely will cling to (and did so for the last couple of years) is: Learn at least one new [programming] language every year. Different languages solve the same problems in different ways. By learning several different approaches, […]

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Using another plugin for comment-preview in WordPress 2.0

After fooling around with the ComPreVal-Plugin for some time today I came to the conclusion that I’ll no longer bother. I don’t want XHTML-validity checks. I want my visitors to easily post comments. Clemens couldn’t. Now I switched to the Filosofo Comments Preview-Plugin. It seems to work but is still being tested by me and […]

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2nd patch for ComPreVal, version 1.2

Today I noticed that the XHTML my WordPress-installation generates does not validate against the XHTML-standard (transitional). Searching for the cause I found that the output of ComPreVal, version 1.2 breaks it. Since I cannot stand my site not validating I fixed that bug in a second patch to ComPreVal, version 1.2. The patch (1.2p2) is […]

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Patch for ComPreVal-plugin, version 1.2

After updating my WordPress-installation from version 1.2 to 1.5 I soon realized the need for a new comment-preview-plugin. In my old installation I used the preview-funcitonality mainly to stop spam, which worked out quite nicely. Withouth the preview in the updated WordPress-installation I’ve got spammed with comments immediatelly. So I searched and found ComPreVal. I […]

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Using rsync together with Subversion – a final part of the story

I described my failure of getting Rsync to work with Subversion smoothly in Using rsync together with Subversion – Part I and Part II. I’ve found the solution. The –cvs-exclude-switch for Rsync did its intended job. After I changed another option I am using to include .htaccess-files in the synchronization. Made –include „.“ a –include […]

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